Using Technology to Improve Patient Satisfaction

How can your practice use technology to improve patient satisfaction? While sometimes people feel that technology takes away the personal touch when interacting with those they serve, many tools are available in software today to enhance the services we can provide, particularly in healthcare. When you review your practice management software, home in on which features will help keep your clients happy.  Make the most of the following elements to engage your patients and streamline your workload.

Communication Features

Good practice management software can help offices manage their communications with patients. Through SMS text reminders your solution will ensure that patients are reminded of their appointments in a timely manner. Not only will patients be pleased to receive these confirmations for their calendars, your practice will also see reduced no-shows and a fuller schedule of patients. It’s a win-win for everyone. And when you note a patient’s preferred method of contact in your system, you will know whether you can leave them a message or speak with someone else (a parent or spouse) about their appointment. Efficiencies like these are built into most software solutions.

Easy Access

Patients are also looking for increased access to your practice, meaning the easier it is for them to contact you with questions, the more helpful they will find you (and your software). Sending a question via email to their doctor or your billing staff is a convenient way for them to contact you, and an efficient way for you to communicate back to them on your schedule. If they do call your office, pulling up their record and having details at hand about their last appointment, billing, and diagnoses means you can easily lend the personal touch each patient deserves. And your staff can run reports in the system to quickly find information that might take some time to locate otherwise. Providing faster answers for your physicians and patients can translate to higher satisfaction with the services your staff provides.

Simplified Claims

Getting paid can be a lot of work for a practice, and a lot of worry for patients. Practice management software should take some of that work and worry away. With a 97% first-pass claim acceptance rate, Duxware offers a way to simplify what can be a complicated and time-consuming process. When you run a transaction integrity report using Duxware, the software checks for irregularities in your data and suggests how you can remedy them. This helps to make your claim submissions more efficient, which means your practice gets paid faster and spends less time going back and forth with insurance companies to work out the details.

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