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DuxWare is a full suite of medical billing tools that gives your billing service a powerful ally when dealing with your providers and managing your business.

Give your providers access to DuxWare for use in their practice

DuxWare is a web based application meaning your providers can have access to their patient data and utilize the tools available in DuxWare such as Patient Scheduling, Patient Engagement Services, Reporting and much more. You, the billing service can assign and control access to each employee in the practice to suit your needs.

Automatic Insurance Eligibility

Insurance eligibility is automatically checked for your provider’s patients and results are available to you before you enter their claims.

Clinical Claim Scrubbing

Real-time or batch Claim Scrubbing with the DuxWare Claim Scrubber will help you identify and fix coding errors before the payer ever sees them. NCCI, NCD, LCD edits as well as thousands of payer specific and custom edits make your claims right the first time.

Allow DuxWare to interface with your provider’s EHR for automatic claim entry

Some billing companies utilize DuxWare Incoming Claim Manager to bring in claims from an EHR that are ready for review and processing. This is just one feature that DuxWare offers to help improve the way billing services operate and allow them to be more efficient and in the end, more profitable! 

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Patient statements and on-line payment portal

Give you provider’s patients an easier and more convenient way to pay their easy to read statement balances. DuxWare secure online payment portal allows patients to easily pay their open balances with a credit card from home or anywhere they have internet access. The provider gets paid faster and so do you!

Auto-Post Payments​

Auto-Post all of your EOB payments in one simple process with multiple configuration options designed so you can fine tune your 835 remits to post exactly the way you want them to. Our clients have been auto-posting for over 25 years so we know what we are doing!


Accurate and detailed reporting is your key to seeing just how your business and your provider’s business are performing. DuxWare’s easy to configure and understand reporting will give you the answers you are looking for with reporting by Provider, Location, Facility, Groups, Date of Service, Entry Date and much more.


Perhaps the most important thing that DuxWare users can say about us is that our support is excellent. We want it to be that way and go the extra mile to keep it that way. You and your staff won’t be disappointed with DuxWare Support!

Here is how we go the extra mile:
  • USA Based Support – DuxWare is built, supported and maintained in the USA
  • No phone maze to aggravate you when you call. You call; we answer.
  • Calls get answered by a DuxWare team member in about 10 seconds.
  • Your DuxWare team members are billing professionals and experts in DuxWare, so they can answer your question usually on the first call.
"Our main concern about changing to a new system was training the users. However, DuxWare is very user friendly and we did not have any issues."

Kim CFO, large multi-location pediatric practice, Louisiana
"DuxWare surpassed my initial expectations and continues to stay current and evolving with the ever-changing medical industry"

Crystal Office Manager, large multi-specialty practice, Louisana

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