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DuxWare Managed Billing (Revenue Cycle Management) ensures you will always get the most revenue out of your practice. Our team of certified professional billers and coders will work the entire life of your claim from claim creation, payment posting to claim follow-up.

Attain the maximum reimbursement for the services you perform. 

Your Medical Billing Experts

Medical Practice Software, Inc. has over 29 years of experience working with medical professionals in small and large clinics that practice in nearly every specialty and sub-specialty. By creating a comprehensive suite of proven tools designed to help providers get the most out of their medical business, DuxWare has become the go to solution with a track record of getting providers paid.

Today, providers have more than one choice for revenue cycle management (RCM) in their practices. Some choose to hire experienced billers and coders to handle their RCM in-house. Others find it more feasible to have our highly experienced billing team at DuxWare manage their entire revenue cycle. Why, because it allows them to fully focus on managing their patient’s healthcare rather than managing the creation, submission and follow up of thousands of claims in order to get paid for legitimate services rendered to their patients.

How DuxWare RCM makes a difference in your practice:

  • Our team consists of up-to-date certified coding and billing experts that know what they are doing and understand RCM. Your payments will be complete and timely.
  • Our team works for you and provides to you full transparency throughout the entire RCM process. You and your staff can see the work being done in real time which gives you the comfort of full accountability of the RCM process.
  • Our team uses DuxWare (after all, we wrote it), and the tools available to automate menial day-to-day tasks so our time can be better spent on claim follow up and re-submissions. 
  • You and your staff have full access to your entire DuxWare program so you can utilize features such as scheduling, patient engagement and full reporting to name a few.
  • Our team is not like some of the other billing companies; we take it personally and treat your RCM like it is our RCM. We don’t let things fall through the cracks and exhaust all efforts to fight for your revenue.

What makes us different?

Secure Private Cloud

  • Safe – Your data is stored on HIPAA Compliant servers at a national datacenter
  • Secure – Your data is protected by encryption and is continuously backed up for protection
  • Fast – DuxWare is written in modern languages well suited for internet access
  • Portable – DuxWare works on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Reliable – DuxWare Simply Works!

Live US-based support team

  • No language barrier when calling for assistance, our entire support team works in our office and answers each call personally
  • Our knowledgeable Support Team are experts in helping you get the most out of your business
  • Some Support Team members are not only Certified Coders, they have been where you are – managing practices

99.7% First-pass claim acceptance rate

  • Over $100 million in claims filed each month
  • Our sophisticated rule-based claims engine lets us send “clean claims” the first-time
  • DuxWare partners with the best nationwide clearinghouse services available

Clear Financial Reporting

  • Numerous customizable and accurate reports
  • Date of Entry, Date of Service and Batch-based Reporting
  • Data can be exported into Microsoft Excel or as printable PDF reports

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Why choose DuxWare Managed Billing?

In today’s landscape of medical billing, there are constantly new “Best Practices”, filing methods, coding standards, requirements and more. Unless you have a team that can keep your practice up to date on this constantly changing environment, you are bound to leave money on the table. That’s where we come in..

With DuxWare RCM you will always get the most out of your billing. Our in-house team of certified professional billers will work the entire lifecycle of your claims from claim creation, claims submission, payment posting and an aggressive claim follow-up on unpaid or short paid claims.

Here are some of the highlights of what to expect:
  • We will audit all claims brought in from your EHR to verify correct and complete coding prior to electronic submission through our partner clearinghouses.
  • All claims run through the Clinical Claims Scrubber which applies the services and diagnosis with multiple Commercial Payers, Medicare and Medicaid edits for improved claim coding accuracy, reduced denials and ultimately improved cash flow.
  • All claims are filed electronically to Payers daily which reduces days in A/R and gets revenue in your bank account faster.
  • Patient due balances are sent on easily understood statements with payment options including on-line patient payment portal.
  • Your billing team at DuxWare will review your Financial Reporting with you or your staff on a monthly basis.
  • Your DuxWare billing and support team performs all work in our home office, and we are not outsourced to a foreign country. There is comfort in keeping your business in the USA!

Staff Experience

Our Experienced Billers and Coders have operated and managed both large and small practices for many years.
Our certified coding specialists are certified by:
  • American Health Information Management Association (CCS)(AHIMA)
  • American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  • Rural Health Professional Coding (RH-PC)
  • CAQH CORE Phases I, II, III

With DuxWare RCM, you are hiring a team that you expect to be competent, trustworthy and invested in your success. We understand this and DuxWare Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCMS) is a way for providers of all specialties to have a high quality billing team working for them every day.

We share the goal of helping you attain maximum reimbursement for the services you perform.

If a claim is denied or underpaid, our medical billing specialists don’t just cross their fingers and resubmit. We scrutinize each denial to ensure full understanding of the cause before designing an appropriate strategy for response. We also look for trends and ongoing problems for possible efficiency improvements, and we never hesitate to pick up the phone and let you and your team know how you might enhance your revenue opportunities.

Medical Practice Software took over our billing in September 2019. Prior to then we did billing/collections in house for the 30 years our practice was established. Since Duxware has been handling our billing/collections our collections have increased by 25%. Everyone there is very professional and knowledgeable. Anytime I have any questions regarding billing/collections they answer or find out the answer to my questions. We would highly recommend Medical Practice Software for billing services for any practice. They have made it easier for us to focus on our patient care.

Gina B - Office Manager

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More Details

Claim Filing

  • Electronic claims filing & submission within one business day of receipt. Submissions to all State Government insurances (Medicare/Medicaid), commercial, private insurances, workers comp, and rural health.
  • Prompt Insurance follow-up on under paid and unpaid claims.
  • Patient Access to our team with questions regarding their account.

Claim Filing Accuracy

  • Claim Scrubbing for Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI) and National Coverage Determinations (NCD), discreet Payer edits and Custom Edits for your practice
  • DuxWare Technology... 99.7% first-time pass rate
  • Billing Transactions, Payments, and Credits are linked to each claim and aged for accuracy.


  • Daily Reconciliation of all work posted for the day
  • Patient Aging for past due claims and line item services are easy to see.
  • Insurance Aging for all balances on file with payers available at a glance.
  • Line Item Payment posting provides detailed reporting and analysis.
  • Daily/monthly customized analytical reports by Provider/Location/Facility, etc.
  • Overpayments and Refunds due reports.


  • Hassle-free phone and email communication with your DuxWare team.
  • Patient Ledgers are easy to read and understand when discussing with Patients.
  • DuxWare developers are at our service always and can make any necessary changes to the system to insure proper claim filing as well as any other government mandate.


Yes, we send out patient statements monthly for each patient with an unpaid balance. Reminder statements are sent after 30, 60 and 90 days if needed.

We pursue ALL disputed/unpaid insurance claims in a timely manner. Our billers have worked with insurance companies for many years and understand how the process works. We will be aggressive with follow up until a resolution is found. Our service also handles your secondary and tertiary claim billing. Always looking out for your best interests, we don’t stop until maximum reimbursement is received.

  • We post all payments directly into the Patient Account in DuxWare.
  • DuxWare is service line based so all payments are associated directly with the correct line item.
  • All revenue received goes directly to you.
  • Our in-depth reporting is always available to you from your office which will show how your practice and providers are doing.

Your practice will be invoiced and an ACH debit will occur at the beginning of each month for medical billing services we performed (i.e. successful collections) from the previous month. Our fee is based on a percentage of collections structure.

Not at all! We will actually be using your existing DuxWare system to manage your RCM. Picture the DuxWare RCM team as your billing and collection team, just working from our office instead of yours.

We utilize our extensive medical billing industry knowledge and leading software to manage claims with all payers, including:

  • Medicare and Medicaid (all states in the US)
  • Commercial insurance plans
  • Worker’s Compensation and Industrial Medicine Invoices and Statements
  • Secondary and Tertiary payers

No, all DuxWare RCMS team members work right here in the USA so your patient and claim data do not leave the US for processing.

"Our main concern about changing to a new system was training the users. However, DuxWare is very user friendly and we did not have any issues."

Kim CFO, large multi-location pediatric practice, Louisiana
"DuxWare surpassed my initial expectations and continues to stay current and evolving with the ever-changing medical industry"

Crystal Office Manager, large multi-specialty practice, Louisana

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