Online Appointment Request

Online Appointment Requests

Maintaining a great relationship with your patient is important to your practice. Online appointment request brings a hassle-free appointment booking solution to your patient and office.

Your patients will love being able to request appointments when its convenient for them no mater the time or where they are.  Your practice will love getting less call, yet still booking the appointments that your practice needs.

Increase your patients satisfaction

Online booking request offer an easy way for your patients to connect with your office to scheduled a new appointment without the need of picking up a phone and calling you.

Reduce no shows

When patients request when their appointment is for, the patient is more likely to keep the appointment. Reducing how many no shows you have.

You have full control

Patients are able to request when they would like their appointment to be. Once a patient request is set your office is notified and you confirm that appointment. This is to insure office availability, and accuracy.

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