Inventory System

Tracking Inventory Made Simple

Tracking and maintaining adequate levels of expensive medications and vaccines is a laborious and difficult process in many practices. Stocking and ordering DME and cosmetic products is also a challenge in some offices as well. DuxWare inventory management can help make that process a little easier and makes reporting and re-ordering simple.  

Tracking Inventory

You should always know what products you have on hand and tracking your inventory efficiently in DuxWare is how you do it. It helps you stay organized and keeps you informed on low or over stocked items. It also keeps track of injectable medications that have an expiration date so you can use the oldest dates first.

Analyzing Inventory

Get trends of items in your inventory to help you determine better what you need. DuxWare gives you access to tools that analyzes your inventory and help you plan for the future.

Managing Inventory

DuxWare Inventory Management Dashboard is the control center where you see your current stocks and how it’s being used. Simple to read and understand with fast re-order tools built right in.

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