Need More from Your Practice Management Software?

There was a time when basic EHR and practice management software was enough to make you stand apart. No more – patients are more tech-savvy than ever, and expect the same convenience and service from their medical providers that they get everywhere else. So how can your medical management system keep up with the times? And more importantly, how can you make an impression that gains you customers in this competitive field?

Enter Duxware Patient Engagement. This fixed-price toolkit enables you to communicate quickly with patients, run your office more smoothly, and empower your patients via your clinic software. From appointment to follow-up to billing, you and your patients are sure to find the elements you need for a better relationship within this suite of enhanced services.

Looking for a new way to connect with patients? Online appointment request forms can help searchers find you more easily when looking for a provider. And with a lift to your presence on Google Places and Facebook, the convenience of medical appointment software makes it simple for patients to send a request your way. Duxware’s Appointment Request workflow application makes sure you never lose track of a patient who wants to make an appointment.

How about making things easy for returning patients, too? Duxware Patient Engagement also provides personalized texts, calls and email reminders with specific instructions based on appointment type. This patient records software means that using the best contact method for the patient, you can send a carefully structured message in the right language at the right time to reduce no-shows and keep your office on schedule.  Automated recalls are another feature that uses text, phone calls, or emails to remind patients when it is time for their next appointment. They can then schedule through Duxware Patient Engagement text chat, the online appointment request form, or by dialing 0 to connect with your staff and make their appointment in person.

With a single point of administration, Duxware Patient Engagement lets your administrators view, configure and manage all locations and user privileges from one central place. And comprehensive reporting provides location and enterprise results, so you can find exactly the information you need in your medical office software.

If you ever need to cancel appointments due to weather or other unexpected events, you can log in to Duxware Patient Engagement for one-stop communications. Choose the full or partial day, the provider and/or location, and the specific message you want to include with your phone calls or text messages. Another time-consuming task that is automated using Duxware Patient Engagement is automatically contacting no-show patients to reschedule their visit. Let your clinic software tackle this job and free up your staff for other duties.

Other clinic software features that can enhance your practice’s customer service include Duxware Patient Engagement’s patient surveys and public reviews, to gain insights following visits and elevate your online presence. Text chat makes it simple for patients to ask questions and get answers from your staff in real time, with a dedicated phone number for those text messages and messages appearing in your computer’s Duxware Patient Engagement Message Center. Our email marketing provides customizable templates to convey the look your patients expect from your practice. And turn wait time into education time with our on-hold messaging for patients who call your office. Duxware Patient Engagement updates its professionally produced content monthly for medical and dental offices, and allows you to include practice-specific messages that share important office policies and promote your practice and staff.

Finally, get the information you need when you need it, with real-time reports and analytics through Duxware Patient Engagement. In one place you can view important metrics, including presentation-ready charts and reports that track patient communication activity, appointments generated, and survey results.

Click here to learn more about Patient Engagement, and contact [email protected] to ask how your office can start using these medical office software tools to grow your patient base and become even more successful in your community.

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