Collecting Co-Pay and Deductibles

With the use of prepared scripts, your staff can establish the rules of the practice’s payment policy at the time of service!

Your practice staff may now say, “It is our payment policy to collect the appropriate payment due from the patient at the time services are rendered. This may only be your co-payment and deductible, but we do ask for payment at the time of your visit.” However, more specificity may increase your success, and also ensure all your staff are saying the same thing. [Note: Review your contracts for specifics to ensure that they allow your practice to provide price determinations at the point of care and collect from patients at the time of service.] 

Offer a script to your front-end practice staff to achieve consistent messaging when requesting payments at the time of service. This can help your practice staff become more successful when talking to patients about their financial obligations at the time of service. Make sure, of course, that your practice’s written policy is consistent with any verbal representations your staff makes. There are a few scripts to show you how!

Remember, patients will respect you asking for payment at the time of service as long as it is done with courtesy and respect. Show kindness, yet expect to be paid! 

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