DuxWare Training & Services

Here at DuxWare, we make sure that you have the resources , services and training you need to successfully implement and use DuxWare at your medical practice!

Training Options

Our expert trainers are available to train you and your staff from the convenience of your office computers. Comprehensive web-based training is included with your DuxWare Service Agreement. Training can be done using your live data, if available, or on our training servers.

Optional Off-Site and On-Site training sessions are also available. Choose the one that fits your practice needs!

>> Web Based Training

Want to be up and running in the shortest period of time, but still get fully trained on the use of DuxWare? Our Web Based Training sessions are available from the comfort of your office using our online Conferencing Suite. This is the most common training method and has helped hundreds of offices learn how to use DuxWare. The reason Web Based Training works is that one of our live trainers will connect with your staff using our web conferencing services and your training will take place from our office, to yours.

>> Off-Site Training

If a classroom setting at our corporate office would be better for your staff, we offer half day or full day off-site training sessions. Your staff can come to our office and have a one-on-one training class with one of our trainers. We will note that our close proximity to New Orleans (about 20 miles north) makes this type of training popular with some of our practices and we like to say that you are always welcome here! Off-site training has no additional fee other than your personal travel and accommodation expenses but must be scheduled in advanced.

>> On-Site Training

If a personal classroom style training at your office would be the most efficient way for you staff to learn how to use DuxWare, we can conduct consecutive two or three day on-site formal training sessions with your office personnel. Larger practices often benefit from this method of training and should consider this when evaluating DuxWare for your office. On- site training does have associated travel and accommodation fees but may be the best way to train all of your staff at the same time.

Services Available

>> Real-time Claim Scrubbing With the DuxWare Claim Scrubber, you can find and fix coding errors before the payer ever sees them. What does this mean for your practice? When the payer receives your claims, your coding is accurate. More claims are paid, and turnaround time for payment is shorter. Optimize your reimbursement process effortlessly.

What does optimized coding look like with the DuxWare Claim Scrubber?

  • All codes at ultimate specificity
  • Your diagnoses support your procedures
  • Global periods and RVUs are correctly identified
  • Procedure codes are bundled correctly
  • Diagnosis codes show medical necessity
  • Puts all required modifiers correctly in place
  • Avoid overused generic and 'catch-all' codes which means proper up-coding or down-coding

>> DuxWare Automated Apointment Reminder

An integrated patient communication service that uses automated phone calls and SMS text messages to deliver reminders and notifications to patients, helping you retain anticipated revenue by making sure each and every person is reminded of their scheduled visit.

>> Data Conversion

Can I convert my existing practice data if I use DuxWare Practice Management?

The answer is Yes .

If you are able to access a computer readable output of your data, we can import your data into DuxWare saving your practice many hours of data entry. Over the years we have successfully converted many types of data formats for input into DuxWare. Contact your sales representative to discuss your conversion needs. Let us help you decide the best way to convert your data.