DuxWare Inventory Integration Webinar

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DuxWare now has inventory management capabilities.  We have worked closely with our partner, ArbiMed Inventory, to create a robust inventory management system. The ArbiMed Inventory allows practices to track medicines, medical supplies, and non-medical items in the practice.  When the practice scans out medicine to be used, the information flows automatically to DuxWare for billing.   It is a user-friendly system that helps practices control costs while managing their inventories.

Benefits of This Feature Include:

  • Barcode Scanning For Ease of Use
  • Kit Building for Multiple Items
  • Multi Supplier Integrations Available
  • Purchase Predictions and Reminders Of Low Supply
  • Preset and Custom Reporting
  • Multi-Facility Support
  • Information From The Inventory System Flows Directly to DuxWare



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