DuxWare is seeking innovative integration partners that want to enhance their products with our pluggable, customizable, complete, and time tested practice management solution!


One of the strengths of the design of DuxWare is our ability to integrate our practice management solution with EHR systems to provide seamless data sharing and functionality between the two systems. DuxWare is always seeking innovative integration partners that are looking to enhance their product with a full function and easily integrated practice management system .

Our Integration Goals

  • To provide a seamless interface to our partner EHR systems for benefit of our mutual customers
  • To consistently provide to our integration partners the highest quality software, support, development resources, and service
  • To make DuxWare interoperable with any well-designed EHR system on the market and to be able to connect to those systems with multiple real-time technologies
  • To partner with companies that have like-minded goals and high standards of business ethics

Your Integration Goals

  • To partner with a mature and relevant PM to integrate into your EHR , one that has been working with integrations for many years
  • To expand the capabilities of the integrated PM in your product
  • To focus on clinical functions but not leave your customers without help with the billing challenges associated with a PM
  • To partner with companies that have like-minded goals and high standards of business ethics
  • To work with a company that embraces open and new standards , has a product with extended feature sets , is easy to work with and is dedicated to successful integrations with a more complete approach to user workflows

Together We Can Make A Difference

"When looking for an integration partner it was important to us that the company have our same philosophy on customer service -- DuxWare met, and has exceeded, our expectations regarding customer service.We have never had a customer who wasn't completely happy with their implementation and support. Our customers feel DuxWare is extremely easy to use, the support is excellent and they get paid.The interface works very well -- the DuxWare team was very easy to work with.The DuxWare team works with us to resolve any issues quickly and completely -- they never get the customer in the middle."

--Craig, EHR Vendor, Texas

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