DuxWare's Advanced Features:

On-Hold Music & Messaging

Connect your telephone waiting room to Health On-Hold Network™,
designed to inform, educate and entertain your patients while they wait.

Custom Messages

  • Answer your patients most frequently asked questions
  • Promote your practice and staff
  • Communicate office policies and deliver helpful info to your patients waiting on-hold.

Holiday Messages

  • Wish your on-hold patients well during the holidays.
  • Entertain them with fun holiday trivia and seasonal music ; and remind them of office closings with DuxWare’s Holiday Messaging.

Health Messages

  • Promote the awareness of nationally recognized health issues and engage callers with a wide range of healthy lifestyle topics such as diet and exercise and disease prevention.

Music Library

  • Choose from a variety of musical genres to create the perfect background of music tracks that callers hear
  • mixed perfectly with the messages in your playlist .

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"DuxWare surpassed my initial expectations and continues to stay current and evolving with the ever-changing medical industry. The Claims Manager has made my life easier and the all the different reports help me keep on top of things. I would recommend DuxWare because the system is easy to learn and it is very intuitive. Customer Service at DuxWare is great."

-- Crystal, Office Manager, large multi-specialty practice, Louisiana

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