DuxWare's Advanced Features:

Automated Appointment Reminder

  • An integrated patient communication service that uses automated phone calls and SMS , text messaging to deliver reminders and notifications to patients.
  • Helps you retain anticipated revenue by making sure every person is reminded of their scheduled visit.

  • Interactive

    - includes options for patients to confirm and cancel appointments.
  • Engaging

    - provides patients with the ability to dial 0 and transfer to you.
  • Customizable

    - call times and retries are configured to suit your requirements.
  • Flexible

    - multiple doctors and different location environments.
  • Personalized

    - Include specific instructions and new and established patients.
  • Informative

    - Detailed reports provide the outcome for all patient notifications.
  • Effective

    - Results you can expect include:

    Anticipated Revenue Retention

    • - Holes in your patient schedule lead to lost revenue. Reminder calls are a proven way to make sure your patients show up.

    Decreases In Reminder Expanses

    • - The labor-intensive work of making reminder and rescheduling calls is done for you, automatically, and for a fraction of the cost of using staff.

    Advanced Notice of Cancellations

    • - Providing patients with the option to cancel is a proven method for exposing high probability no-shows, allowing that slot to be filled with another revenue generating patient.

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"DuxWare surpassed my initial expectations and continues to stay current and evolving with the ever-changing medical industry. The Claims Manager has made my life easier and the all the different reports help me keep on top of things. I would recommend DuxWare because the system is easy to learn and it is very intuitive. Customer Service at DuxWare is great."

-- Crystal, Office Manager, large multi-specialty practice, Louisiana

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